Geek Week - Identity in the Windows platform


All about the design, implementation, and management of identities on the Windows platform! 

Five geeky days where IT professionals and developers alike learn all about the design, implementation, and management of identities in Windows.

Join this exciting Geek Week that covers everything regarding identities in Windows, from AD DS, MIM, AD CS, and AD FS to Windows Identity Foundation and how identities should work in your own applications. Discussions are mixed with practical labs and demos based on the expert instructors’ impressive experience. A lot of time is reserved for discussions regarding your thoughts, challenges, and everyday work with the identity components of the Windows platform.

Enterprise Security MVPs Fredrik “DXter” Jonsson and Hasain “The Wolf” Alshakarti are running this intensive week of training, and will also be available outside regular lab hours for those who want to do a little extra outside the standard course.

Course outline

During the week, we go through:
  • How you correctly set up requirements, design, and install
  • How user roles really work under the hood, either standalone or 
  • How to handle upgrades and migrations
  • How to do advanced troubleshooting of all aspects of your identity management solution
  • Automating everything you can imagine with PowerShell
  • New features in Windows Server 2016 (vNext) and how to use them in an existing environment

"You are in for an intense Geek Week where we cover everything regarding identities on the Windows platform from AD DS, MIM, AD CS, and AD FS to Windows Identity Foundation and identities in applications. Don't miss out!"

- Hasain Alshakarti


Identity on the Windows platform

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Fredrik “DXter” Jonsson
Security expert driven by a strong passion and understanding for IT security. Read more about DXter on

Hasain “The Wolf” Alshakarti
Cyber security and network expert working at TrueSec. Read more about Hasain on


39,995 SEK

Target audience

IT professionals and developers who have a focus on identity management and security.



Prerequisite requirements

PKI, Active Directory, networking, and encryption


You will have a solid, real-world understanding of how to design, implement, maintain, and manage identities on the Windows platform.

Comments from last year's event

"Very competent and inspiring instructors and lab material, but also the exchange of experience among other attendees."
"I'm truly satisfied with the MEGA Geek Week concept throughout the week and will definitely attend is there will be more. Great information, up-to-date, but also a few bits about how things used to be."
"Kanonbra föreläsare! Hög kunskapsnivå och nyttiga tips och tricks."
"Very high level and great knowledge. The instructors were very good at answering our questions ad-hoc."