Identity on the Windows platform


Five geeky days where IT professionals and developers alike learn all about the design, implementation, and management of identities in Windows.
Join Enterprise Security MVPs Fredrik “DXter” Jonsson and Hasain “The Wolf” Alshakarti for an intensive week of training.
"You are in for an intense Geek Week where we cover everything regarding identities on the Windows platform from AD DS, MIM, AD CS, and AD FS to Windows Identity Foundation and identities in applications. Don't miss out!" – Hasain
A unique training - Geek Week
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Dates: September 4-9, 2017
Venue: LabCenter, Stockholm
Price: 39,995 SEK


Hardware & hotel - included!

  • Your choice among different kinds of hardware or discount    
  • Five days of intensive hands-on labs
  • Unlimited access to two leading instructors
  • Five hotel nights
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner

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